Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wild times and boo boo's and progress

Roger was able to be home tonight (Yeah for us!!!), so he got out the blow up pool for the kids. Miles and Ian have fevers, so I took them out for a little ride. If you read about Nastia and her fear of water a few posts back you understand my concern about getting out even a little pool. Well, when I pulled out her bathing suit she got so excited! Giddy even! I know she was expecting to go back to Aunt Becky's pool, but she was just fine with our little pool. When I got home she was running through the yard like a little wild child and jumping into the pool. She was the last one out of the pool. A future swimmer, indeed!

Lauren and Nastia were playing a card game tonight when Lauren came out to tell me Nastia's leg was bleeding. I came in to check on her and she had a little boo boo on her leg. I came in to get some medicine and a bandaid, she followed me, and then followed me again back to the bedroom so I could be Dr. Mom. Whatever medicine they put on her in Latvia must burn because she said, "Ouch!" when I put the medicine on, but then realized that it didn't hurt. After we got the cheetah bandaid on she began looking all over her legs for more boo boo's. Too funny! She pointed at a little bitty spot on her knee and said, "Ouch!" I could see she really liked the gentle attention she was getting. So, she chose a zebra bandaid and we put medicine on, and the bandaid while she looked for more boo boo's, but just couldn't find any.

She got to talk to her chaperon again today. We were told that she really likes it here, and she thinks we are really nice, and she is really happy. That makes me really happy!
I sat down on the sofa next to Nastia today and held up the camera to take a picture of us together. She leaned right over to me and put her head against mine! Yes, you read that correctly! And then she just stayed there...leaned up next to my arm. Awwwww... She actually hugged Lauren back a little today and take a look at the picture of Nastia and Miles where they are holding hands. She didn't pull away! She is getting used to a little bit of cuddles!
And then...when I went in to tell her goodnight...get ready for a few tears...she pushed her bangs away in preparation for her goodnight kiss on the forehead. I could tell she was ready! What an awesome little girl! When I told her goodnight she smiled as brightly as ever and looked straight in my eyes and said, "Goodnight." How could anyone not love this little girl?!


  1. wheww..... you're right that last little paragraph I definitely needed a kleenex for what a sweet little girl she is.

    I loved the pics and I have been following your blog since just before she arrived.



  2. Thank you for your post Kerry. You have done a beautiful job of sharing this sweet little girl with all of us. We will continue to tell as many people as we can about this wonderful opportunity of adoption. Lori Eagle

  3. Here's a happy thought.... she looks and sounds as if she is a perfect fit right where she is........ I'm just sayin.... ;)

  4. What a happy post! You are so good to her!


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