Monday, July 5, 2010

Two-day update

Yes, that is blue in her hair! We did blue streaks of hair spray for the kids for the 4th of July!

Sorry for no post yesterday. Here is the reason why:
1) church and then lunch at church
2) home, Roger played outside with the non-napping kids...I took a nap!
3) swimming at Aunt Becky's house (more on that later)
4) dinner at Grandma and Granddaddy's
5) Fireworks...that eventually got cancelled...and then all 6 kids in bed after 10...and one tired mom.
So, as for yesterday:
She ate two pancakes, wouldn't touch the bbq sandwiches or hot dogs at church, but really enjoyed *chips* (need I say her favorite again???) and desserts, tried a chicken leg for dinner, but didn't care for it, but loved all of the fruit, dill pickles and boiled eggs. I nudged her to try rice krispie treats even though she didn't want to...and she LOVED them!
Once again, church was not a typical service because of the 4th, so she probably thinks our church services are very weird. Maybe next week will be "normal."
Swimming--She told me on the plane with the help of her Russian to English translation book that she was afraid of water, did not want to go swimming, and was afraid she would drown. We were sensitive to this when we took her to the pool. We have no idea why she is fearful of water. Maybe she saw someone drown? Maybe she came close to drowning? Maybe it is just an unknown to her? She wanted nothing to do with it when we got to the pool, but I asked her to come sit on the side and put her feet on the first step. She complied. A few minutes later I talked her into standing on the next step, which was about knee deep. She complied...with reservations. And then I talked her into coming down to the next step that was about waist deep. Again...reservations...holding my hands tightly...but she did it!!! She stood there for a few minutes and then got out. A few minutes later she was working herself back down the steps and I was able to convince her that she could stand on the bottom without her head going under. And by the end...she stayed where her feet could touch the bottom, which is what I prefer, but she kicked around with a noodle, blew bubbles in the water, and had a great time! We had to make her and Lauren get out of the pool, so we could go eat dinner! I am so proud of her!!!
Today I took her to the dentist! I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU TO DR. BRIAN BAKER IN TITUSVILLE, FL!!!!! Dr. Baker is donating his services to Nastia! Her teeth are far better than I imagined. We thought she may need a lot of work, and Dr. Baker was willing to do all of it at no expense to us, but instead she only has a few minor things that need to be taken care of, which, once again, he will donate his services to her. If anyone in this area is looking for a dentist please consider going to Dr. Baker.
We had sandwiches at grandma's for lunch. Nastia ate her sandwich and lots of fruit. For dinner we had leftover pizza and fruit. She stood at my side as I fixed dinner and then served everyone their plates and drinks. I could tell that she really wanted to help. She loves to play with the kids, but she always comes looking for me to see where I am. I love the bonding we have found, and I love the fact that she feels somewhat close to me...maybe it's comfort more than closeness.
After dinner it was time to go play outside. She did the usual...rode Lauren's bike, rode the scooter, pushed Ian in his stroller, and loved being outside.
Lauren and Nastia were playing Uno, but Nastia has asked for something to eat, which she has never asked for before, so I will gladly comply! Soon it will be time for bright eyes, a face that lights up, a kiss on the forehead, and an "I love you." It's one of my favorite parts of the day because I can see how special it is to her.

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