Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I wonder... long Nastia has lived in an orphanage.
...why she does not live with her parents.
...if any of her caregivers ever hug and kiss her.
...who taught her to brush her teeth or how to fix her hair. she could be so great despite her lot in life.
...if she wants a family...not all orphans want to be adopted.
...what her school is like.
...if her mom, or dad ever miss her.
...if anyone has ever told her "I love you."
...if anyone has ever tucked her into bed at night.
...if anyone has ever told her how proud they are of her.
...if anyone has ever told her she is beautiful.

I sat in church at our VBS program a few weeks ago and looked around at all of the beaming parents, and realized how proud I was of my own children, and then became overwhelmed with sadness for Nastia. Has she ever smiled back at the face of a beaming parent in the crowd? Has she ever felt truly loved by someone she loves? It burdens me even more for the 143,000,000 million orphans who need the love of a mom and dad. I will ask once again... What can you do? Something to pray about...

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