Friday, July 16, 2010

Another Thank You...well deserved

Tonight I want to give A HUGE THANK YOU TO DR. KENNETH BOYLE!!! Dr. Boyle is an Optometrist in Viera, Florida. My friend, Jennifer, was in his office last week and asked if he would be interested in testing Nastia's vision. He quickly jumped at the chance. And then he even went a step forward...He not only wanted to check her vision...he wanted to check the entire health of her no cost to us!
I would be remiss if I didn't include his entire staff in the thank you! So, THANK YOU TO THE ENTIRE STAFF OF BREVARD VISION CARE!!! They were all so kind and gentle with Nastia. I highly recommend this doctor and his office!
If you need a great and very caring eye doctor please consider going to Dr. Boyle. The phone number for his office is 321-752-0100.
We have found that there are very few doctors who will donate their services to those who are truly in need. I want to give my business to those kinds of doctors!

As for Nastia's eyes and vision...They are perfect!!!

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