Friday, April 23, 2010

What is it about her?

There is another young lady who would love to come to America for hosting. She is already 16, and has been protected to be able to continue living in the orphanage. Although she is not available for adoption because of her age, she would love to come to America for hosting and then on a student visa in the future. "She enjoys dancing, music and animals. She is cheerful, friendly, well-adjusted, and engaging. She speaks English very well, and loves to read books, and watch movies. She would love to be a cook."

Her name is Liga, and she is such a beautiful girl. If we had the money I would try to bring her here with Anastasija. If we get more donations...maybe we will do that! She has a scholarship of $300! Or, maybe someone out there reading this blog will pray about bringing her into their home. Will you pray about it? There is something about her...I just can't stop thinking about her.