Thursday, July 8, 2010

Helping those who need help

I just have to say that if a doctor is not willing to donate his services to help an orphan then that is a doctor I will never go to, and have no problem telling others (if asked) not to go to that doctor either. There are two groups of eye doctors who have already said they will not donate their services to Nastia. This infuriates me! This is a child...who has nothing...not even a family...and they are not willing to give 15 minutes of their time. I'll let God deal with them!
I'm still waiting to hear from a third doctor. We'll see what she says...

If anyone in our area knows of a kind eye doctor who may be willing to donate their services please talk to them and then let me know.

And let me just give kudos again to Dr. Brian Baker for being a wonderful servant, and not only cleaning, and taking x-rays, and examining, but for also being willing to fix any problems she may have!!! Please consider giving your business to him!


  1. Oh wow that truly makes me sad!

  2. Have you tried Dr. Aker on US1 in Titusville? We see him and he seems like a good guy.


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