Sunday, July 18, 2010

Off the top of my head

~Nastia has been with us 3 weeks! How could it possibly be only 3 weeks?!
~Nastia has gained 6 pounds in the last 3 weeks.
~Nastia loves playing with dolls and is very motherly.
~Nastia wants to get Ian out of bed every morning.
~Nastia is a girly girl! She loves pink and lots of bling!
~Nastia is still not fond of big pools, but loves playing in water...small pools and splash parks.
~Nastia teaches Lauren Russian every night when they go to bed.
~Nastia gave me a hug a few days ago. Okay, so it was a little forced because I made her put her hands around my waist, but then...she squeezed!!! Woohoooo!!!
~Nastia LOVES her new sunglasses!!! She was wearing them in the house yesterday!
~Nastia likes chocolate milk. We make it with Ovaltine.
~Nastia does NOT like root beer!

Do you have any questions about Nastia? Leave a comment and I'll answer what I know!


  1. She has two more weeks with y'all? Are y'all making scrapbooks to take with her and y'all enjoy here? Anything she particuliarly needs or wants to take home with her?

  2. Will you have any contact with Nastia at all after she goes back?

  3. Markay-
    I haven't decided if I am going to surprise her with a scrapbook, or if I should let her make it herself. What do you think? I had thought about making one for her and sneaking it into her backpack, so she could find it with other goodies on the way home.
    I can't think of any needs or wants for her to take back with her. We will be learning how to make friendship bracelets on Wednesday, so if she really enjoys that I hope to send her back with a lot of the kind of thread that is used to make them.

    As far as I know we can write letters and we may be able to email. I know some host families are able to call their host child, but she doesn't know enough English for us to be able to talk on the phone. With email we can use an online translator, but even that is difficult because it doesn't always translate well. We'll figure it out!!! I can't send her back without staying in touch! We want to know how she is doing!


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