Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our fun day

Today started with church. Nastia sang along with me during the church service. I loved every minute. Then, after church I was supposed to have a "date" with my little guy who turned 7 yesterday, and he decided he wanted Nastia to come, too, so we went to a Chinese Buffet, which was Franklin's choice. Nastia loved looking around at all of the food and she found many things that were familiar to her...shrimp, and a few desserts. She kept saying, "In Latvia!" She loved her lunch! She also said, "Yum, yum!" a lot! She was so full by the end that she was moaning! Too funny!
This evening we went to the beach with the Lewis family. This was Nastia's first time to see the ocean and to play at the beach. She grabbed me when we got to the beach and said, "Vow!!!" She really enjoyed collecting shells and asked if she could take them back to Latvia. She ran and screamed as the waves were rolling toward her. It was so funny! Finally, she grabbed onto my arm and hand, as I held Ian and we faced the waves together. All three of us were laughing!
She is such a joy!

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  1. The New Horizons mug shot does not do her justice! She is an adorable little girl! I am so happy she has found a family! I hope you guys are able to keep in touch with her through the years and keep the rest of us updated!


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