Thursday, July 8, 2010

Getting some more cuddles

We homeschool our children, so we have added Nastia into the routine. We do not take the Summer off because our children are very young and we have found that taking a long break isn't so good for our routine, and the kids tend to forget a lot, too. And, if we do year-round school then we can take breaks all throughout the year.
This morning Nastia joined right in. She sang the ABC's with us, counted to 20, said the days of the week, and all of the months. I think she really enjoys it. I love having her be a part of it!

Food: She ate THREE bowls of cereal this morning. I will be weighing her tomorrow for our weekly update for New Horizons and would be shocked if she hadn't gained any weight! For lunch she ate a turkey sandwich, a lot of fruit, and a lot of chips. For dinner she ate mostly fruit, and then she had yogurt, swiss rolls and a cereal bar before she went to bed. I am certainly not complaining! I'm so glad she is eating!

She got to play outside this afternoon. She and Lauren decided to go play Uno in the backyard. It was HOT! She came inside with red cheeks. I was on the computer and she just stood next to me watching me type. Finally, I looked over at her and she just stared at me. So, I grabbed her waist, spun her around, and plopped her down on my lap. I expected her to be stiff and to only stay for a few minutes, but instead she leaned back into me. Let me tell you....that melted this mama's heart! Then Lauren decided she wanted in on the fun, so she came and sat on Nastia's lap. Franklin took the picture of all three of us together. When I showed Nastia the picture she said, "Awwww..." I finally had to make her get up because my legs were going to sleep!

Tonight as I was reading a story to my two oldest before they went to bed she sat right next to me, leaning into my arm, and listened to the entire story. At one point she put her arm up on the back of the sofa. It was like she wanted to put her arm around me, but wasn't sure quite what to do.

When I put her and Lauren in bed tonight she moved her bangs (which I trimmed this evening, along with 4 little boy's haircuts, too...Phew!), so I could kiss her on the forehead and she told me goodnight. I blew each of the girls a kiss as I walked out of the room, and without missing a beat she blew one right back to me. I never expected it to be this good.


  1. I hope y'all are working on a photo album for Nastia to take back with her. It will be a priceless treasure! Sure wish she had computer access - y'all could email pictures and stuff at least!

  2. This little girl is really starting to open up in such a sweet and wonderful way.

    Will you be able to have contact with her once she goes back?

    I had questions on the hosting but went back thru your blog and found some of the answers to my questions. I'm new to your blog but have been following ever since you went to pick her up.

    This is inspiring to know that there are programs out there like this.

    The only question I have is do these agencies have a cut off age for the families who might be interested in doing this? My husband and I are nearing that dreaded "age 50". I noticed that a lot of places have a age issue or age ratio between child and adopter. Wondering if there was such a thing for hosting.


  3. Yes, Markay! I am going to make a photo album for her and stick it in her backpack as a surprise! I think she will love it!!!

    Teri, thank you for following along! No, there is no age limit for hosting! There will be a 4 week Christmas hosting opportunity if you are interested!!! There is actually no age limit to adopt from Latvia, so you still have options if you are interested in adopting. There are other countries that you would still qualify for, as well. I highly recommend hosting. I will admit, though, that not all of the other hosting families have it as easy as we do! Just keep that in mind.


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