Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Still lovin' on our girl

This morning was busy with phone calls for me, so the kids got to play (ie make a mess) around the house and play outside. We did make a quick trip out for donuts this morning, which is an extra special treat for our kids, and for Nastia, too. She loved her donut! Donuts were a snack, but for breakfast we had yogurt and cereal bars. Nastia loves this!
For lunch we had some leftovers, but Nastia mostly ate fruit and apple bread. We still aren't pushing her if she doesn't like something. I was convinced that she wasn't going to like dinner, but she ate it all and said she liked it. It was a Hamburger Helper Cheesy Enchilada dish with rice in it. And, of course, we had fruit, too!
This afternoon the kids took their crayons and colored pencils and notebooks outside to color for a while. After a while they got too hot, so they were back inside. Lauren and Nastia got to play a few games on the computer. They had so much fun doing this together.
After dinner we went to Walmart...me, Lauren, Franklin, and Nastia. She was so excited to go that she went out to the van before I was even ready to go! She got to pick out a bead kit to make bracelets. I'm going to ask her to make bracelets for her friends at home. She was excited to look at all of the groceries, and kept trying to read my list to me. ;-) She is so super cute!!! She helped me put all of the groceries up on the belt, and then loaded up her arms to bring the bags in when we got home. She is very helpful and takes great pride in helping me!
She is starting to voice her opinion a little. She told Lauren "no" today when Lauren started to do something on the computer that she didn't want to do. She told Franklin "no" tonight when he tried to help her push the cart. She was nice about it, and I was happy to hear her voice her opinion.
We bought Kerplunk at Walmart and that was a big hit with all of the kids.
Nastia was sitting on the sofa working on a word search puzzle, so I went over to sit by her and work with her on the puzzle. Their wasn't much room right next to her, so I expected her to scoot over...but she didn't! This is HUGE! Nastia does not care for physical touch. I don't know if this is a cultural thing, or if it is a Nastia thing, or if she just hasn't been taught, but the kids will hug her and she will not hug back. I try to pat her leg, or back, or arm, or give her a side hug here and there each day, but it is never reciprocated. So...the fact that she sat right next to me and didn't move was a giant step for her.
And now it is time for goodnight kisses! I never thought I would love this little girl this much! She is truly special and I feel so blessed that God has given us the opportunity to bring her into our home, and hopefully into her forever home in the future. God is good!

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