Monday, July 12, 2010

Very short post

I am a bit under the weather, so I am going to keep this really short.

Please pray for us tomorrow as we go meet with a prospective family for Nastia. Keep in mind that this is still a hosting program, so she still has to go back to Latvia, and they will have to go through the entire adoption process of compiling a dossier, but you have to start somewhere, so...tomorrow we meet! Nastia has no idea, nor can we give her any idea, but I definitely want this family to be familiar to her if they are able to go to Latvia to add her to their family!

And a quick note about Nastia...I didn't realize how much I did around the house until she came! She is such a big help!!! She LOVES to help! If I start cleaning she is quick to get up and start helping. It's the same with fixing meals. She wants to help, and she wants to serve all of the plates. She is an amazing girl!!!

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