Friday, July 9, 2010

The end of week 2...already???

Isn't this a great picture!? Nastia is going to be a wonderful mother someday! She can't wait until I get Ian out of bed each morning, she wants to get him out of his car seat if we go somewhere, she wants to push him in the stroller, and then today she wanted to get him out of the stroller, so we watched her carefully as she got him out and carried him gently into the house. She is amazing! Then tonight he sat at her feet begging for her yogurt, so I put him in his high chair, got him some yogurt, but came back to find Nastia sitting in my chair so SHE could feed him. She did a great job! "Babies" seemed a little strange to her when she first got here, but I think she has found a new love in life! I've always had that love, too!
It cracks me up that I can say, "Nastia..." and she will say, "What?" She was cracking up at me last night because I said, "Holy cow!" She thought that was SO funny and repeated me while laughing. I don't think I have ever mentioned how cute her accent is!
She wanted to sit on my lap again today. No problem there! She also walked around the house for a little while without shoes on. That is certainly new for her! She wiped her bangs away from her forehead again tonight, so I could kiss her goodnight. She is loving it here!!! She follows me around the house a lot, and always wants to help. She is such a good girl!
We had to do our weekly update for New Horizons again. Let me tell you...this girl can eat!!! She gained two pounds in the past week! Yes, she has had a little bit of candy, and popsicles, but mostly she just eats a lot! My fruit supply from earlier in the week is already gone! She always eats a good dinner, but always wants something to eat before she goes to bed. I know it is unusual for her to be able to eat as much as she wants, and to have snacks, so I am happy she has the opportunity. We have had absolutely no problems with gorging or hoarding food. That is a blessing!
I had decided when I started this blog that I would mostly share the good, but would be willing to share just a little of the bad, so anyone considering adopting her would be informed. And now, I have to admit that there just hasn't been anything bad. I haven't sugar-coated anything! What you read each day is exactly the way it is! It really is that good! At this point, she really is that good!
I want to report that an eye doctor has willingly (and with joy!) offered to not only check Nastia's vision, but to do a very full and thorough exam of the health of her eyes, too. I will have a post about this later, but I want to thank everyone who tried to help us find an eye doctor for her. There were a lot of people who really stepped up and wanted to help! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

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