Monday, July 26, 2010

Things Nastia wants to take back to Latvia

I have had a few people ask if there is anything they can buy for Nastia to take back to Latvia, so she and I sat down today and made a list. Please leave a comment if you are getting any of these items, so others will know what is already provided, and I will know what not to buy. We will be going shopping tomorrow or Thursday, so I need to know sometime today, or tomorrow morning.

Thread to make friendship bracelets (This is not sewing thread)
Colored Pencils
Pretty notebook
Nail polish (any colors, but quick dry is probably best)
Word search puzzles
Tape (the clear kind that we use to wrap presents)
Shampoo (Any kid kind with Conditioner mixed in)
Shower gel
Tooth paste
She seems to really like Skittles
Lolly Pops
AA Batteries

There you have it...the Nastia Wish List!


  1. We would like to get her the thread, uno and some nail polish. Thanks for composing this list Kerry.

  2. Hannah would like to get her a pretty notebook and word search puzzles.

  3. Hi Kerry!
    We are friends of the Lewises and would love to get a few things for Nastia! I was wondering if Nastia has any potential space issues with her luggage? For example, if she ended up with several bottles of shampoo and several notebooks, will she be have room for everything? Thanks!
    Karen Scimeca

  4. Kevin-Thank you! I have marked those things off the list!

    Karen-Yes, she could run out of room! That is why I am asking people to leave a comment with what they want to provide, so we don't have four people buying shampoo, and 3 people buying nail polish, etc. There is a possibility of sending a care package later, so we don't want to try to send what won't fit right now.

  5. Thanks for answering so quickly - before we head to the store!
    We would like to get Nastia colored pencils, skittles, batteries, and shower gel!

  6. We bought everything else on the list, so for anyone else reading these's all taken care of!


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