Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What about YOU?

What is your reason for not adopting?

~It costs too much.
~I'm too old.
~I want to raise my own family first.
~I don't know "what I'll be getting."
~These kids are "too messed up."
~I wouldn't know where to begin.
~I couldn't "love them as my own."
~It isn't my problem.
~I don't want to fill the pockets of a corrupt government.

I don't write this post with a sarcastic overtone, so I really do not want you to read it that way. I want it to be thought-provoking more than anything. I have heard every excuse I have listed, and some of them from Roger and me.
At what point does the excuse become disobedience? When we say "no" to God! He wants us to do just have to figure out what that something is for you! The timing may not be right now for Roger and I to adopt because of the election, an uncertain future in the next few months, and expecting a baby, but we can still raise awareness for those who need a family. And someday...I look forward to adding more children to our family through adoption!

Please pray about what God wants you to do. Is there a child on the other side of the world, or in another state, or in your own county that God wants to place in your arms? Is there a family that desperately wants to adopt, but cannot figure out a way to raise the money, and maybe you can help? I can't tell you the answer, but HE can! Ask! And then obey!


  1. There are also people like us who are open to the idea, but did not go into this intending to adopt.....But we are faced with this child in our home and we all love this kid...We ask ourselves, "How can we NOT?" It is simply a matter of stepping up to the plate...regardless of the circumstances (we have 4 kids already...8, 6, 5, and 3, so if we can do it, anyone can! hehe) Kelly, this is by no means a criticism of you guys, we just were faced with the reality that Dima has NOONE to help him, not with anything. And that's just not right. SO! Wish us luck.

  2. You can add, if God wanted me to be a mom, I'd be married to the list of excuses. Maybe I'm too old too, but adoption was barring nothing the absolute best thing I ever did. And, it was totally a ".....but God" thing. Daniel and Maria are the absolute joys of my life. There just is no doubt that God brought them to our home! I'd add a hearty AMEN here!!

  3. OOPS! I have horrible typing skills KERRY! Thinking of two ladies in the same boat with similar names. I apologize.

  4. Hi Kerry, I love to keep up on your blog- that is so very neat to see God at work in Nastia's life... just so exciting. I was reading tonight's blog and I might add in there that foster care is actually something free to get into and you do get paid a small amount to do it. That can either lead to adoption or reintegration into the home but either way, just another way for people to have a positive influence in a child's life. We just finished up the classes and all the paperwork and are awaiting the license but I will admit, we are a little nervous! You can specify the age range and gender and you can always say no if it isn't the right time in your life to take a child. Just another thought for people...

  5. Hi Kerry
    I know you are not being sarcastic but if you permit me to add No. 10 reason.

    "Being honest with oneself and not identifiying self worth with what others are doing."

    I wish Nastia a safe trip back to Latvia and thank you and your family for taking the initiative to be a hosting family. I know that in circumstances like this parting with her will be one of the hardest things you have ever done. Without a doubt she is taking part of your heart with her.



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