Monday, June 28, 2010

Just what you've been waiting for...Pictures!!!

I think Nastia's favorite thing to do right now is word search puzzles. She and Lauren have spent a lot of time looking for words! Through Google Translate we found out that she doesn't care to watch movies, or TV...she would rather be outside. We also found out her favorite color is pink, her favorite juice is pineapple, she likes basketball, and she knows how to play chess.
Meals for today: She loved Cap N' Crunch and seemed to recognize it, she ate frosted cheerios for a snack, she loved her bologna, banana, juice, chips, and jello for lunch, and she didn't care for chicken and rice, or green beans for dinner (neither do my kids!).
We homeschool our children, and have chosen to do year-round school, so we can take breaks throughout the year, rather than one long break during the Summer. Nastia sat at the table and participated with us today. I could see her trying to sing the ABC's, and she was interested in what we were doing.
We played tag outside today and ended with another water war! She loved this. I was picking tomatoes in the garden and every now and then she would stop playing with the kids and come over and hang out with me. I have noticed that she will go play with the kids for a while, but she always gravitates back to me. She watches every move I make, including the way I treat my children. She may have never seen this kind of example before.
She is at the grocery store with Roger and Lauren right now. That may be a new experience for her, too.
I realize that we are still in the "honeymoon phase" of hosting and a lot could change in a few weeks, but I am quite smitten with this little girl. She has a sweet demeanor, she will help me do things without me even asking for help (clearing the table, helping to bring in groceries, etc), and she is so kind to all of the kids. She is really good with all of them. At this point, I think she would do well in a family with other children...younger, or older.
On a final note...look at how much she looks like my son, Miles (the Lego picture)! Whoa! Is it just me, or do they look like brother and sister???


  1. So glad things are going so well! Miles and Nastia do have the same coloring. I hope its like that the whole time!!!!

  2. Wow, they do look just like siblings! I am glad she is adjusting so well!

    -Alyssa Baker

  3. How fun!! Sounds like things are going great!

  4. Sounds like you guys are having a good time! Maybe we can take all 13 kids to the zoo sometime :) Wouldn't that be a hoot? LOL Give me a call if you have a spare minute soon, I wanted to catch up with you but don't want to interrupt your new routine or any 5 minute break you might find!


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