Monday, June 7, 2010

A bump in the Road

I'm not surprised that we have hit a bump in the road, but rather a little frustrated and inconvenienced. I had great expectations/dreams of driving to Orlando to pick up Anastasija with pink and white roses, a big welcome sign, and a very excited family. It's not going to happen the way I imagined.
Anastasija is the only Latvian coming to Florida. The other kids are from Ukraine. The other kids are arriving early enough on Friday to catch a connecting flight to Orlando. Anastasija is not. Her flight will get in around Atlanta. Ugghhh.... So, now we have to find a way to pick her up in Atlanta.
1) Fly to Atlanta and pick her up and fly back with her on Saturday. (too expensive)
2) Roger could drive to Atlanta, pick her up at midnight and drive straight back (too dangerous)
3) Roger could drive to Atlanta, pick her up, and stay in a hotel overnight (too scary for a little girl who is not accustomed to being around men, in a strange country, where no one can understand her)
4) Someone else could pick up her up from the Atlanta area and keep her overnight, possibly drive a few hours the following day and Roger (and Lauren) would meet them. (maybe???)

It's just a bump! We will find a way to make this work!

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  1. 5) Drive up the day before. Spend the night & rest all day Friday. Pick her up & drive straight back. Not nearly so much traffic in Atlanta in the night...can your kids stay with other family(s) so you and Roger could go together? (from, Cindy Scarborough)


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