Monday, June 28, 2010

Caring for orphans

The Bible tells us to care for orphans and in another post I will share these verses with you.

Not everyone can adopt. Sometimes there are physical limitations, sometimes there are age limitations, and often there are financial limitations. BUT, there is something that everyone can do for orphans. Here are some examples:
~Be a foster parent
~Help a foster parent--Provide a meal for the family, take a game and play with the kids, provide clothing
~Be willing to give money to help someone adopt
~Be encouraging to those who are trying to adopt
~Advocate for those who need a family--It's free and easy to advocate! Spread the word!
~If there is a children's home nearby...volunteer your time! Time is so important to these kids!
~If you have the ability to sew and would like to make quilts for orphans let me know!!!

Here are some ways that others have cared for orphan:
~31 people gave money to help bring her here!!! (a bunch of people giving a little can do a lot!)
~people have donated clothing
~some people knew it was her dream to go shopping and buy clothes for herself, so they sent gift cards to help us let her dream come true
~a few friends have even asked if they could go shopping with us to buy her a few things (they get the pleasure of fulfilling her dream and they get to spend time with her, too!)
~complete strangers have found out about Nastia through friends of mine and feel such a burden that they want to know how they can help advocate for her
~a complete stranger sitting next to me on the airplane gave me a wad of cash ($100!!!) as she was getting off because I had "inspired her to do more for orphans." Wow! I am honored.

I guess my point some point in your something for an orphan! I realize that everyone has different passions, and mine happens to be orphans, but I think you may be surprised how blessed you will feel when you help one of "the least of these." And just think of the blessing you will be giving that child, as well.


  1. I see you're being blessed as you are being a blessing to Nastia and providing the opportunity for others to be blessed sharing Christ's love with you and this beautiful child. God bless you.

  2. Great post, looks like you all are having a blast together!


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