Sunday, June 27, 2010

Giggles are a Universal language

I wanted to allow Nastia to sleep as long as possible today. Sadly, our little ones were up at the crack of dawn, and it is difficult to keep everyone silent...they are children, ya know?! We left her in her room, but breakfast was ready and we weren't sure if she was waiting for permission to come out, or if she was tired, or if she just needed a few more moments of peace without everyone bombarding her, and Miles hugging her. I told Lauren to open her door and check on her, but to leave her alone if she was still sleeping. Well, she was awake, so Lauren told her she could come out. We have pancakes on Sunday mornings, and I wasn't sure if she would like them, but she ate TWO! And she drank some water and milk!

Ian woke up with a fever again, so I stayed home from church with him, but decided to keep Nastia and Lauren home, too. After some medicine Ian was doing a little better, so we went shopping. Not big time shopping, but out for a few things. She had a gift card for Target from my sweet friend, Angela. She got a purse to carry her translation book in (it will go with us everywhere!), a necklace, a pair of shorts, and the cutest pair of casual sneakers. Then, we went to Marshall's to get her some really nice sneakers.

For lunch we had chicken (not too sure she liked it), potato wedges (she LOVED these!), jello (seemed to like it), and bread. Another meal accomplished! Have I shared my concern about getting her here and being so worried about her not eating??? This hasn't been a struggle...well, at least not until this evening. We had our VBS program at church (she may think churches in America are insane after tonight!), and then a spaghetti dinner afterwards with salad. She would not even touch her plate. That's okay! It must have looked really disgusting to her. So, when we got home she had a banana, a piece of cinnamon bread, and yogurt.

This afternoon she and I sat on the sofa and went through my Russian Phrases for Children book. She got a good laugh at me trying to repeat Russian! Hey, it's bonding, so I'll take it!

She and Lauren were in the bedroom today giggling. I let them giggle for a while, but had no idea what they were doing, so I went to check on them. I learned that giggles are a universal language amongst little girls. They were tickling each other, and trying to talk to each other, and acting downright silly. It was an awesome sound to hear these little girls giggling!

Tonight we were able to talk to my cousin who speaks Russian. That was a blessing!!! We were able to ask her a few questions, and let her know how happy we are that she is here.

And then it was bedtime again... I covered her up, kissed her goodnight on the forehead, and put my hands on her cheeks and told her "goodnight" in Russian. Once again, her face completely lit up, and she lay there with the biggest, brightest most beautiful smile. That may be her favorite part of the day! It certainly is one of mine! I love that smile!


  1. So great to read the updates! I can't wait to see more pictures and hear more about all her new experiences. Thank you for posting. :) Oh, and Grace had a very hard time eating anywhere that was too chaotic. In noisy places, she would refuse to eat (even food she enjoyed) because her stress level was just too high in the loud environments. Once she'd get home, she's eat well. :)

  2. Oh, what a wonderful day! And I LOVE the bedtime story! I remember with all of my first 3 kids, they each refused to eat everything for the first couple of weeks because they didn't recognize anything, but when encouraged to TRY things, they would, and they almost always liked it! SO glad you are enjoying her time here! Can't wait to hear more!

  3. Sitting here with tears reading...How wonderful. Don't worry about the eating, it will come..even our domestic children go thru the same things when they come to stay with us. I am so proud of you all for following God in this situation. Also, happy she was able to use her gift card yesterday!


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