Saturday, March 27, 2010

What is "hosting?"

Some of you may be wondering what it really means to "host" an orphan. There are a few organizations who coordinate hosting. We are using New Horizons for Children ( New Horizons is a Christian organization. Their desire is to bring school-aged children to the United States to live with Christian families for approximately 5 weeks. They have a Summer hosting program, and a winter program. The purpose of bringing these children here is to show them what a "normal" family looks like in daily life, to love them, to have fun with them, but most of all to show them that there is a God who is greater than we can comprehend...and He loves them more than anyone ever could. One of the "side effects" of hosting is adoption. Many host families adopt the children they host, or a relative, or friend step forward. That is certainly our prayer for Anastasija...and the reason I so fervently ask you to please pass the word about this's about her.
As for hosting...
Anastasija will be with us about 5 weeks. She will fly into somewhere in America, be met by a chaperon who will bring her (and others!) to Florida where we will pick her up. She will be immersed in American life! We will be scheduling a dentist appointment, and an eye appointment for her. She has probably never been to either! She will arrive with the clothes on her back, so we will provide all of her clothes, and personal hygiene if she were our own daughter. She will be our guest, but part of our family at the same time.
It costs $2500 to bring her here, and then an extra amount to get her from wherever she lands to Florida. I will provide a break-down of the fees in a later post.

If you have any questions about the process, or anything else, please leave a comment! I would be happy to answer any questions, or find an answer for you!


  1. A in a couple to adopt her as part of a forever family? Unsure of details. Please advise how to get involved! Thanks,

  2. Anastasija is coming here for hosting. She will have to return to Latvia at the end of five weeks. If someone is interested in adopting her they can contact an adoption agency to begin procedings for adoption from Latvia. Latvia is a Hague country, so there is a lot of paperwork involved. Let me know if you need more info.

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