Friday, March 12, 2010

One week ago...

One week ago I sent out many emails and facebook messages to about 140 friends and family telling them about a little girl in Latvia who needed a family. I told them that it was our desire to bring her to America through a hosting program with New Horizons for Children. The only problem was that we could not afford to bring her here...and she couldn't afford us not to bring her. It took a few days and a few more emails, but here we are a week later...with 26 donors...and $2370! The cost of the program is $2500. We were trying to raise a little extra because she will need an extra flight from where she lands in the U.S. to Orlando.

I am amazed and completely grateful for those who have chosen to invest in her life by helping her get here, and by committing to pray for her. I had very little faith that the money would come, but I think God wanted to prove a point...HE LOVES HER! We already love her, too!


  1. Huge congratulations on reaching your goal!! It is just awesome that you are stepping out in faith to help this beautiful child :)
    Maria :)

  2. That is SO COOL, Kerry!! I can't wait to meet her!! And we go to Universal Studios a lot - if she'd like (and you'd allow), we'd love to take her as our guest sometime while she's here. :o)


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