Thursday, March 25, 2010

Anastisija's first outfit from America

Anasitsija will come with the clothes on her back...and that is probably all. She told her interviewers that one of her dreams would be to go shopping and choose her own clothes. She lives in an orphanage, so nothing really belongs to her. We will buy her a few things before she gets here, but we hope to take her shopping and let her dream come true of choosing her own things. I have had a few people ask what they can send to her, or get for her, and my best answer at this point is this...a gift card, so she can go shopping!

I went to Target Saturday to get a few things and decided to look at the clearance racks of girls clothing. Target often has really good deals! It 's hard to buy for her because I don't know her style, but for some reason I could picture her in this outfit. I hope she likes it!

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  1. How fun to shop for her! I remember shopping for our Grace before we adopted her. It made me feel closer to her. Then when the time got close enough for me to wash her clothes, I was thrilled! :)


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